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Projects and Studies

New Perspectives for Learning


This project for the European Commission, focused on the dissemination of 55 studies into Socio-Economic Research - on "New Perspectives for Learning" Dissemination was through 71 Briefing Papers, Newsletters, Press Releases and a Report highlighting some of the key conclusions and policy recommendations emerging from these activities.

Multimedia in Education: The Transition from Primary School to Secondary School

Multimedia in Education

This study, in 1997, for the European Parliament's, Directorate General for Research - Scientific and Technological Options Assessment Unit focused on "The Application of Multimedia Technologies in School: their use, effect and implications - particularly during the transition from primary to secondary school.

t-learning Study

t-learning study

This study, in completed in 2003, for the European Commission, provided a “state of art” report of the issues concerning the development of TV-based interactive learning in the home.

European Association for Distance Teaching Universities


Various projects and reports between 1993 and 1995 for the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities including editing their newsletter.

Telematics for Flexible and Distance Learning


This project for the European Commission produced a report that describes the key results achieved by the 30 projects and other concerted actions and studies within the Telematics for Flexible and Distance Learning Programme (DELTA) that ran from 1991-1995.

Development of Satellite and Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Systems and Services and Implications for Education and Training


 Dev of Sat and Terr Digital Broadcasting systems

This 1999 study for the European Commission covers issues that needed to be addressed by all organisations involved in education and training concerning the developments of satellites, terrestrial and cable digital broadcasting systems and services. It's main focus is on the development of interactive TV Learning services to the home via consumer or low cost receivers.

Interactive TV - a learning platform with potential

Interactive TV

This study, in completed in 2003, for the English Learning and Skills Development Agency looked at the state of Interactive TV for learning in the home.

European Association for Distance Teaching UniversitiesRadiation

A report written in 1991for Radiation Systems International on the current state of the European market for distance education.

Developing Telematics-based Learning Servies - the role of SME Networks

SME networks

This study for the European Commission in 1995 identified what are potentially the most effective ways of stimulating the developments of telematic-based learning services amongst small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through the process of technology and innovation transfer along SME Networks.

The Information Society: Competitivity and Employment

The Information Society

This 1996 final report was wriiten for the European Parliament. It provides a synthesis of the key issues and options for policy makers on "Information Society: Competitivity and Employment. It is based on studies of various experts in specific areas of the "Information Society"..

InteractiveEurasia Online '98



This project, in 1998, for UNESCO assisted in the organisation of a joint conference between the countries of Central Asia and the European Union in Almaty, Kazakhstan on the new market opportunities for telematics products and services for education and training, Healthcare and Electronic Commerce.

Open University - JANUS ProjectOU Janus

Various projects and reports between 1991 and 1995 for the Open University - JANUS Project - that aimed to set-up a network of Euro-Study Centres - utilising various telematic solutions.